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Below is a blog post from The Impact Theory, I've been following Tom Bilyeu for awhile now. I love his life passion. It is in alignment with mine.

What is it? It's to help people improve their lives. As an Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach my passion better be people right!

Well it definitely is, I'll share more about my personal story in the next email. For now take a look at this blog post about executing your dreams. 

One more thing, I want to tell you something exciting, I enjoy Tom's goals and his success with helping people find Happiness, Success and Wealth so much I invited Tom Bilyeu to speak at my TAG Talks event in February 2019 in SACRAMENTO CA. He said yes, can you believe it. This is your chance to meet Tom and 8 other amazing speakers who will show you how they found happiness in life and how happiness is the key to success in relationships, business and career.

Okay enough about that for now.

Let's talk about executing on big dreams.

I'm going to do...

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Are your HABITS of thinking supporting or sabotaging your success?

The average person has up to 70,000 Habitual thoughts per day...

We interact with roughly three new people every day (each of which has up to 70,000 Habitual thoughts per day).

Moreover... Many spend roughly 7-hours browsing the Internet visiting 100's of webpages and interacting with around 600 other humans indirectly (each of which has the same amount of Habitual  thoughts per day).

This happens across digital devices, applications, social networks, messaging apps, and all of these are being used at the same time.

Internally this drives people crazy. People don't realize these habits have become major Habit that controls their thinking.

Why are these people neurotically wired in to a Habit of echoing, liking and sharing the same useless information?

What's the purpose of it all?

Ask these people and you'll quickly find out: They don't know.    I am here to explain to you that it starts with your Habits of thinking.


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