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Below is a blog post from The Impact Theory, I've been following Tom Bilyeu for awhile now. I love his life passion. It is in alignment with mine.

What is it? It's to help people improve their lives. As an Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach my passion better be people right!

Well it definitely is, I'll share more about my personal story in the next email. For now take a look at this blog post about executing your dreams. 

One more thing, I want to tell you something exciting, I enjoy Tom's goals and his success with helping people find Happiness, Success and Wealth so much I invited Tom Bilyeu to speak at my TAG Talks event in February 2019 in SACRAMENTO CA. He said yes, can you believe it. This is your chance to meet Tom and 8 other amazing speakers who will show you how they found happiness in life and how happiness is the key to success in relationships, business and career.

Okay enough about that for now.

Let's talk about executing on big dreams.

I'm going to do my best to break this down. No matter what you think, it is possible—even if you've never done it before.

STEP 1: Get VERY specific about what your Dream is. 🎯

Be ridiculously specific. People commonly get tripped up here because they stop shy of hyper specificity.

For example, let's take Impact Theory.

We want to change the world by eliminating the poverty of poor mindset. For some people that sounds specific, but the truth is that's hopelessly vague. There's nothing to execute against.

Specific for Impact Theory is: We're going to eliminate the poverty of poor mindset by building a 21st Century content studio that marries traditional narrative content with social content.

Our goal is to be bigger than Disney and monetize in a similar fashion through the creation of high-value intellectual property that can generate revenue through direct ticket sales, streaming revenue, licensing, and merchandising.

In truth it's even more specific than that, but that shows how we have metrics that we can measure our progress. Are we creating both types of content? Are we generating revenue of all types? Are we bigger than Disney? It's easy to measure these things. There's nowhere to hide. No vagaries to obscure our success or failure.

Get extremely specific. Don't give yourself any wiggle room whatsoever.

STEP 2: Believe that You can Figure it Out. 💪

This is the key. You've got to BELIEVE that you can LEARN it.

It's very ok if you don't know what you're doing yet. People commonly get stopped here because they mythologized their heroes and think they act from a place of having it all figured out.

My superpower is simply that I'm willing to promise myself and others the moon and then go do the ridiculous amount of work it's going to take to actually figure out how to deliver the moon.

I'm just as afraid as anyone else would be. But I've learned the only winning strategy to overcoming fear is to learn and improve. Cowering in the corner or backing down never works. Never, ever, ever. Bad strategy. Don't use it.

STEP 3: Ignore the Overwhelm and Break Things Down Into Steps. ✅

People commonly punk out here because they get overwhelmed by their own ignorance and the sheer size of the problem.

Ignore the enormity of what you're trying to do and just focus on the much smaller piece in front of you right now.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

STEP 4: Tell Everyone What You're Doing.

You'll be shocked how big dreams excite people. Sure, some of them will think you're out of your mind, and some people will outright be haters, but the flip side of that coin is that some people will offer to help.

It never ceases to amaze me how often I will tell people I'm going to build something that rivals Disney and they're like, I can help in some way. It's RIDICULOUS how often.

But no one would offer to help if they didn't know what I was up to. So I put it out there constantly. You should too.

STEP 5: Seize Every Opportunity. 💪

Say yes to TAG Talks, Figure it out later.

As mentioned above, people are going to offer to help you. And most of the time the thing that they're offering to help you out with is going to scare you to death. Say yes anyway.

Remember #2 above: Believe in your ability to land figure it out. It's okay to be scared. It's very much not okay to back down out of fear.

STEP 6: Go All Out Every Day to Generate Momentum. 👟

Okay... this is the granddaddy of them all: You've got to create momentum.

When that friend offers to help you get something started, don't let it slide to tomorrow if it can be done today. Say yes to their kind offer and then push that terrifying ball forward as if your life depended on getting it done immediately.

Yes, you have a ton to figure out, but your job is to figure it out RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow. Today. Get after it. Have zero patience. Go balls to the wall every day until it's done.

If any of that sounds easy, I haven't explained it well. It's brutally difficult, but it IS possible. And most importantly, it IS possible for you.

Yes, you. You've got this. Because as a human, you are an adaptation machine. Now go adapt and do something extraordinary. You owe it to yourself.

Until next time, be legendary, my friends.

- Tom Bilyeu

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See you there.

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