Are your HABITS of thinking supporting or sabotaging your success?

The average person has up to 70,000 Habitual thoughts per day...

We interact with roughly three new people every day (each of which has up to 70,000 Habitual thoughts per day).

Moreover... Many spend roughly 7-hours browsing the Internet visiting 100's of webpages and interacting with around 600 other humans indirectly (each of which has the same amount of Habitual  thoughts per day).

This happens across digital devices, applications, social networks, messaging apps, and all of these are being used at the same time.

Internally this drives people crazy. People don't realize these habits have become major Habit that controls their thinking.

Why are these people neurotically wired in to a Habit of echoing, liking and sharing the same useless information?

What's the purpose of it all?

Ask these people and you'll quickly find out: They don't know.    I am here to explain to you that it starts with your Habits of thinking.


Yes, the world has become more connected. Yes, that is a good thing. But only if it brings value to you and helps you achieve your goals.

Instead of using technology to connect with people to solve problems and find answers to questions they need to achieve their goals -- people are using social media for the goal of using social media.

That's like using a cake mixer to mix the ingredients but never baking the cake. Your Habits of thinking should contribute to an end, never mistake the means for the end itself. (Your Goals)

So what's the solution to this madness?

You need to train yourself so that you can determine "signal" from "noise". Signal is fresh productive ideas that contribute to your goals. Noise is useless Habits of thinking that does nothing for anybody, it's pure waste.

With Habit Finder you can train yourself to not get distracted while in your daily grind.

Wanna know how to optimize your daily routine and environment so that you can control yourself and improve your productivity 100x ?

 I invite you to take  (The Habit Finder) assessment FREE a $99 value. You will be extremely happy you did. I am also offering a FREE 1 hour Coaching session a $500 value that will completely debrief your assessment so you know how to change your Habits for success. Click (Habit Finder) to take your FREE Habit Finder assessment today.


See you on the other side - Talk to you soon.

 Raul Lopez Jr. Online...


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