It's never too late. Les Brown says.

I challenge you to take a few minute and listen to Les Browns motivational talk. 


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Raul Lopez Jr.

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Live intensive workshop - Join me.

raul lopez jr. Aug 03, 2018

This is a personal invitation for you. Please join me while a film my online course. The online course will price out at $997.00 usd. 

You will not pay even close to that. How does only $29 for the live workshop sound?

Plus a FREE bonus.

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Step into your Greatness.

    As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal ~ Robin Sharma

As humans, we make choices everyday. It’s these choices that determine and create our daily Habits, the situations we deal with, our choices will also pave the path to our goals.

The trouble is that our minds often lie to us. Our mind has developed what are known as heuristics (shortcuts) that create quick decisions. Or, your mind is quick to make decisions for you (fight or flight) and it serves us well most of the time (and that’s why it exists).

But these heuristics also have a negative side: Your mind often look for the easiest path. It lets you believe, feel, and do things that often put you in a comfort zone.

Want to shoot a video? Your mind tells you that you don't look good or nobody will watch it.

Want to meet somebody new? Your mind deters you by making you feel unsafe or tells you that you’d...
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