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5 Questions to Reach the Next Level of Your Personal Evolution

What happens when you imagine being at the next level of your work or business?

What does the next level of your personal evolution look like? How do you feel?

Like many people, you may strive toward big dreams and a more desirable future. You may have started the year with new resolutions and new goals (or still working on the old ones).

To achieve that, you are required to improve, evolve, change – becoming a better version of yourself.

Let’s face it. We can’t face the new year with the same old self and expect a better outcome. And according to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith (author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There), factors that brought us success and results in the past cannot help us in the next level. A new level will require new sets of strategy, skills, knowledge, tools, plans, resources, etc. It may even require a new shift in paradigm and mindset.

It’s common to see many of my clients who do not know how or where to begin the change. They...

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We always seek external.. Why?



Posted by: Team Tony

Why do we hold on to the past? Why is it so difficult to let go of the experiences that have caused us pain and suffering?

For many of us, we get stuck in the past because of our need for certainty. Certainty is one of the six basic human needs and is fundamentally about survival. We all need to feel certain that we can avoid pain and, ideally, find some comfort in our lives. Continuous pain means continuous damage, and that eventually leads to our demise. It’s frightening to step into the unknown. It’s difficult to be vulnerable. And it can be overwhelmingly uncomfortable to have that sense of uncertainty about what lies ahead. So we hang on to the past – because even if it’s steeped in pain, it’s what we are familiar with and what we feel certain about.

The other reason it’s so difficult to let go of the past has to do with the way...

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