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With up to 400 attendees, you'll meet people who need what you have to offer. Ultimate speakers will lead a breakout session where you will be able to give, serve and sell your products. You will be able to help people who have been in your shoes, who have faced the same problems you have, and who need you to help them get to the next level. You'll be among your people with passion for change, business owners, and entrepreneurs from every industry.

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Raul Lopez Jr.

Raul Lopez Jr. is a leading life coach and one of the most-sought out personal development speakers and trainers in his industry. He is the Author of the life changing book Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear. Discover the root cause of negative patterns and limiting beliefs. Learn important steps you need to take in order to live in Happiness, Success and Wealth.


Adrian Boysel

Adrian’s career has evolved from graphic artist and printer to a consultant, coach, speaker, and radio show host. Adrian brings massive value to businesses by sharing his knowledge and passion for digital marketing, and advertising. He understands visual communications and online marketing better than any of his competitors and his track record speaks for itself.

Lead a breakout session

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Creating an image of success and authority for your speaking business is a smart way to grow your customers. People are comfortable doing business with Speaker and Coaches they've seen in action.

Imagine how your reputation will soars when you work alongside successful Keynote Speakers people already know, like and trust.....

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Mark Haney 

The Power of With...

Mark Haney believes that solitude is the death of an Entrepreneur.  So, in 2011, after his own entrepreneurial adventure resulted in a successful exit, Mark launched Haney Business Ventures, a unique platform that includes digital & broadcast media, programs & events, business services, investment, and space, all designed to provide the next generation of entrepreneurs with access to the expertise, connections, and support they need to realize their dreams.


Call for Speakers - Do you have a powerful story that can help people change their lives? Have you heard a life changing story and believe it needs to be shared?  If so, click below we want you on our stage.

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Hundreds of the world's smartest people passionate about living in happiness, success and wealth will attend TAG Talks Sacramento Growth Conference. The Sacramento Growth Conference is 1 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts (and a few celebrities) that have been in your shoes and have turned their relationships, businesses and careers into fulfillment. There is no "conceptual thought" or "theoretical strategies" behind any of our sessions. Everything you learn is tested, proven tactics to increase your skills and improve your life. You'll walk out of the event with powerful notes, full of actionable growth strategies that you can apply the second you get home.



What To Expect

Meet and connect with people and business owners who are going through the same journey as you, who have been where you are, and have overcome the same obstacles. You’ll leave the Sacramento Growth Conference having networked and formed strategic partnerships with people who share the same passion as you: to leave an impact.

Ultimately, TAG TALKS Live sole mission is to help you, your relationships and business succeed. You’ll get proven strategies that are working today, you’ll work with your peers to overcome common obstacles, and you’ll learn how to understand the people around you as your greatest asset for creating a thriving life and business.

Perfect for the thought leader seeking to inspire others, you’ll leave TAG TALKS with innovative ideas and insight from people willing to open up and share personal life challenges and how they've been able to overcome to build success in family and business.

Previous Events

Tom Bilyeu - The Impact Theory 

Tom Bilyeu is a filmmaker, a serial entrepreneur and a founders of the billion dollar company Quest Nutrition.

As a way to give back,  Bilyeu founded the Impact Theory studios, teaching and inspiring hundreds of millions of people to adopt an empowering mindset and breakout of the Matrix.

Tom's aim is to influence the cultural subconscious by building a single-minded content creation machine that makes exactly one type of content, content that empowers people. If Disney created the most magical place on earth, Impact Theory will be creating the most empowering place on earth.



Daniel Gomez

Daniel is professional Self Development speaker and the author of the best selling book You were Born to Fly. A powerful message about not letting your circumstances dictate how you live your life.

Tickets Start at $69 ea.

Amanda Warfield

Amanda is the founder of Thriving Life Craft. Her Thrive90 and Thrive365 transformation programs help those impacted by narcissistic toxic relationships. Rediscover your value, create the life you want and find your Joy.


Julie Reby Waas

Julie Reby Waas is the founder of Fit & Fabulous. An attorney and mother of 3. Julie discovered her passion for health, fitness and fashion when she became an empty nester. Her Fit & Fabulous program helps empty nesters transform their health, fitness and self-confidence so they can rock the second half of their lives. 


Kelly Resendez - Expert Panelist

EVP of Paramount Partners Group, founder of Big Voices-a women empowered network. Her honesty about her own self-suffering has helped thousands of people break through limiting beliefs and barriers they have had.

Tickets start at $69 ea.

Whitnie Wiley - Expert Panelist 

Lawyer - Author  - Speaker - Coach "The Damascus Road Experience" changed by Love. 

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Alicia Regina Corrales - Expert Panelist

Visionary Transformation Coach
Executive Director
Supporting Others As They Rise
E.M.S.I Speaker

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