Raul Lopez Jr.

Professional Motivational Speaker

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Phenomenal engaging motivational.. Raul will rock your event whether it be corporate team building, motivational, inspiration or sharing his personal life story.

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Keynote Snippets

Elevate Your Corporate Experience with Raul Lopez Jr.

Unleash Success with Raul Lopez Jr.: Your Premier Corporate Speaker and Trainer Raul Lopez Jr., a motivational speaker and leading life coach, stands out as one of the most sought-after figures in the corporate and personal development arena. Elevate your corporate experience with the phenomenal and engaging motivational prowess of Raul Lopez Jr. Rock Your Event with Raul's Dynamic Presence. Whether it's corporate team building, motivational sessions, inspirational talks, or a personal life story that resonates, Raul Lopez Jr. is the catalyst for an unforgettable event. His ability to captivate audiences extends beyond traditional boundaries, building teams that become the go-to in their respective industries. Tailored Expertise Across Industries Raul Lopez Jr. specializes in catering to diverse corporate sectors, including Mortgage, Real Estate, Production, and Manufacturing. His dynamic approach ensures that your team not only excels but becomes a benchmark within your industry. Certified Speaker for All Audiences From high school to college settings, Raul Lopez Jr. is a certified speaker, engaging students with his motivational and leadership insights. His commitment to self-development is evident in his expertise in leadership and team-building strategies. Author of "Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear" Delve into the transformative insights of Raul Lopez Jr.'s life-changing book, "Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear." Uncover the root cause of negative patterns and limiting beliefs as Raul shares crucial steps to living a life filled with happiness, success, and wealth. Book Raul Lopez Jr. for Your Next Event Are you ready to elevate your corporate event to new heights? Book Raul Lopez Jr. now and witness the transformative power of his motivational speaking and training. Empower your team, inspire success, and pave the way for a future of unparalleled achievement. In summary, Raul Lopez Jr. is not just a motivational speaker but a catalyst for transformative change in the corporate landscape. Elevate your team, empower your audience, and make your next event an unparalleled success with the dynamic presence of Raul Lopez Jr.

Raul most popular topics


Building Your Cohesive Teams.

90% of office challenges are peoples personal problems in disguise.

Your management team must understand 3 things to attain Organizational Wellness.

1. Why people do what they do.

2. Why people act the way the act.

3. Why people feel the way the feel.

To understand these 3 things first, we must understand the 6 human needs. Not wants "needs."

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Keynotes from Jr. High to College.

Leveling up is a stressful time for many students, whether a transition from elementary school to high school or high school to college. New routines are stressful and take time to adjust to.

Motivation, guidance and inspirational messages that help students:

1. Become more independent 

2. Communicate

3. Never give up

4. Create success habits

Self Development

Raul has become an authority in the field of Practical Psychology, Strategic Interventions and helping people create lasting positive change. Burdened to help people improve their lives he has written books created video blogs and online courses.

The results - he builds Influential Leaders. Personal Growth improves your Family, Business and Career.

Phenomenal engaging motivational.. Raul will rock your event whether it be corporate team building, motivational, inspiration or sharing his personal life story.

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