10 Episode Docu-series - Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear

Raul Lopez Jr. Launches Indiegogo Campaign For The Exciting Heal the Boy Docu-series.

Author, speaker, and life coach, Raul Lopez Jr., launches a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for an upcoming docu-series, Heal the Boy, created from his book, Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear

Raul Lopez Jr. has taken his pursuit of helping as many people as possible to live their full potentials a notch higher with the creation of the Heal the Boy Docu-series. The leading life performance coach is set to create the motion picture version of his bestseller memoir titled Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear, with a fundraiser launched to finance the production.

Millions of people in different parts of the world face all kinds of challenges as they struggle to make ends meet. While some overcome these obstacles, tons of others often fail in this regard, ending up as mediocre. Several institutions and coaches have come up with possible tips to help people become a better version of...

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Everyone wants to enhance their quality of life. Everyone wants to be more fulfilled. But almost all of us get stuck at times in our limiting beliefs and emotional patterns. We make habits out of feeling frustrated, worried, sad or overwhelmed. But it is these disempowering habits that prevent us from doing what we are really capable of – even if that something is just being happy.


While we cannot control the events that happen in our lives, we can master how we experience these events. People are always going to encounter stressful times. It could be losing a job, losing your health or even losing a loved one. Something happens that is outside our control, and it knocks us down. But stress, anger, sadness – these feelings don’t come from the facts, they come from the meaning that we give the facts. Of course, the terrible things that happen are real. But the question is,...

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The Power of Deep Listening


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Have you ever spoken to someone who made you feel like you were the only person in the world at that moment? Who seemed truly engaged and interested in every word that came out of your mouth? How did that make you feel? Important? Understood? 

This is the power of deep listening. Deep listening is more than a valuable social habit; it is a transformative communication tool. With deep listening, you are not only allowing yourself the time and space to fully absorb what your conversation partner is saying, you can actually encourage him or her to to feel heard and to speak more openly and honestly. And this is a key step in developing rapport with someone. 

To better understand how to interact and communicate more effectively with others, we spoke to body language expert Jan Hargrave, one of the Leadership Academy speakers, about the core tenets of deep listening:


“By maintaining good...

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10 Phrases you should never say to yourself.

Whether success means starting your own business or just reaching a fitness goal, every kind of success asks for commitment and mindfulness, which is why for so many it can be hard to reach.

Be ready, by abolishing the following phrases out of your life and mind and you will be one step closer to what you desire.

10 Phrases You Should Never Tell Yourself If You Want to Succeed

1. ”It’s too late/early” – Phrases You Should Never Tell Yourself

When to start is a question often asked, even though the answer is easy and always the same – now!

By telling yourself it is never too late or early to begin, you are helping yourself eliminate the habit of using excuses to “start tomorrow”.

As Scott Fitzgerald said  “It’s never too late, or in my case...

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