If the only thing people learned was....

Have you struggled with really awful experiences and wished they would quickly pass? Or cursed your strings of bad luck and wondered when the bad streak will ever end? What about the other end – have you ever let a great victory get into your head and made bad decisions? Consider the following story.

Les Brown shared this story and I had to pass it on. There’s a famous fable of an ancient powerful king. As powerful as he was, he often struggled with emotional highs and lows, and that had caused him heavily during critical moments in battles.
The King was prone to periods of great elation where he would make very poor decisions, and periods of great despair where he would get extremely upset.

One of the kingdom’s wise men created a ring for the King, a device that would help stop him from getting lost in his high and low moments.

The King asked, “How does it work?”
“Wear the ring with you always. In times when you need it...

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